What does Communicator do?

Communicator allows you to communicate back and forth with external clients from inside Trello.


How much does it cost?

Communicator costs $9.95 USD per month per organization or business.  One price covers all of your team!


How does it work?

Whenever you add a comment to a card, Communicator will check to see if that comment mentions the person you configured in your setup. If it does, it sends the client an update of the card and its comment.


Are all the comments visible to external clients?

No, only comments which have come from the client and those which mention the person you configured in your setup are displayed to clients in update emails.


Does it allow two-way communication between me and the client?

Yes, not only does Communicator send update emails to clients when you mention them in a comment, but it allows clients to respond to your comment in Trello by simply responding to the update email they received.

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